I would like to wish all BCQHA members and supporters a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Please take time to relax and enjoy time with family, friends and of course your equines.

The Board met in person in Aldergrove in October.  They agreed to continue the program for renewing members to sponsor a new member to encourage people to become part of BCQHA.  As well the travel assistance program was also renewed for another year.  Contact your zone Treasurer/President or myself if you would like to talk about either of these programs.

Zones are slowly getting back to providing events now that we are getting back to our new normal after COVID.  Plans are underway for clinics, shows and social time so watch for announcements and support the efforts of your zone volunteers.

The AGM will be held virtually to ensure anyone interested is able to attend.  Please come out and let the incoming board know what your priorities are and help us grow BCQHA.  We currently have 60 members but there are over 20,000 registered quarter horses in BC.  We need to find ways to get all these owners involved and supporting BCQHA as we lobby AQHA and work with HCBC on local issues.

Be safe in the current snowy conditions and I hope everyone is making plans for their adventures/activities as spring is just around the corner.

Carolyn Farris

BCQHA President

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