Happy New year and best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2023.  I hope everyone is busy enjoying or making plans to enjoy their registered Quarter Horses and other equines.

Please mark your calendar for the BCQHA AGM.  It will be held via Zoom at 7:00 PM on Sunday March 19, 2023.  It is important that you sign in as we need a quorum to ensure the society can continue.

The board approved the continuation of the sponsor" a new member program for another year".  Any member renewing their membership can submit an application for a new member ( adult family, friend or riding partner) for a one year membership.  The hope is they will like what we do and continue to renew their membership in the coming years.  No one can be sponsored more than once or be a recent member returning.

The travel assistance program is also continuing for 2023.  Each zone is allocated $500 to be divided among the member applicants from the zone.  A maximum of  $100 will be given to any one person.  Travel needs to be outside your zone and to attend a BCQHA approved event.  (clinic, open show, breed show).  To apply simply send an email or letter to your zone Treasurer showing date of travel and purpose.  Each participant can apply if a group is sharing rides or trailers.

Please send in photos of new babies or riding adventures for the website & newsletters.  It is a great way to share your excitement and pride.

Carolyn Farris

BCQHA President

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