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SCQHA News & Events

20th Anniversary Fuzzy Horse Show with SCQHA



20th Annual Fuzzy Horse Show & Celebration

April 30th, 2017

Armstrong, BC

Fuzzy Show Program







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SCQHA Announces NO Wine Country Classic AQHA Circuit for 2017  


President's Report from South Central Quarter Horse Association 2017 AGM

This year I initially struggled with my President’s report. I was disappointed with the financial loss we endured in 2016 at our Wine Country Classic Circuit and yet I realized I don’t want to let this color the clubs successes from past years, and those that will come again in years ahead.

We are a small special interest group spread out through a large geographic area. In my involvement over the years of this club, I have seen tremendous successes – more than I have ever seen for disappointments!

The nature of all volunteer clubs is revolving groups that commit their time and energy into organizing activities. And then as time goes on, groups may disperse or take on other commitments outside of the club and so events will evolve again and sometimes suffer during the transition. One frustrating aspect of volunteer committees is that not everyone wants to play in the same sandbox and so groups become divisive. In our small interest group at South Central, that has occurred as well. In past years, we’ve seen single individuals give 110% effort to plan and execute events and other years where larger groups haven’t been able to be as effective. I do not want to seek blame, to point fingers or to dwell on what didn’t happen. I want to thank everyone for whatever level of effort they were able to afford and see how we can move ahead in this new year.

With normal Spring weather the 2016 Fuzzy Horse Show saw many smiling faces. Judge Shelley Hayes was a pleasure to work with. Her passion for her job and feedback to competitors was noticed by everyone. Special thanks to our volunteer, Lynette Schmitt as Trail Judge.

At this time a Fuzzy Horse show date has been set for April 30, 2017. This is always a successful event and I look forward to help organize again this year as our 20th Anniversary.

The 2016 Wine Country Circuit show committee was a small crew and had difficulty getting the event off the ground. Less than average advertising and sponsorship dollars produced smaller than expected numbers. In spite of this, the participants enjoyed meaningful, fun interaction with our three judges.

A general meeting in November we reviewed our year. Our treasurer outlined that due to financial restrictions a show committee would need to raise significant sponsorship funds by February 1st 2017 in order for a 2017 breed show commitment to occur. To my knowledge we have not met this commitment for 2017 and it's my hope we may recover for another breed show down the road.

At a General Meeting held in November this year, we had a group of individuals come out to offer ideas & support for 2017. I appreciated their attendance as meaningful involvement from our members is always welcome.

I have a goal this year! My goal is to encourage our membership to come together without division so that we may plan activities and events for our small club. We know that in life, not everyone always gets along. Let’s put aside division and show respect to each other for the time that we invest, however great or small, so that our small membership moves ahead with strength and passion. I wish to stand beside everyone showing an interest in our club so that we measure our success not by our bank account but by the respect that we can show each other when working together. That is my goal for my 3rd year as President for SCQHA.

As always I must say thank you to my fellow directors, committee members and volunteers that support our club each year. Without each and every one of you there would be no events at all.

Attachment to President's Report