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Carole Walton's passion is shared for the love of horses


We'd like to share an article about one of our well-known & well-loved members, Carole Walton.  

CaroleWalton PA

Carole Walton feels most at home when riding, grooming and caring for horses.
Kristi Dobson

As a young girl, Carole was always fascinated by horses. She lived in the country with her parents, Johnny and Mary Murray, where the family had work horses. Their jobs included pulling the mowers and hay, while the entrepreneurial Murray's ran a drive-in restaurant on Beaver Creek Road. The Brite Spot, as it was called, was the hot spot in the 1950's and Carole remembers being there when rock and roll was born. 



Health News - West Nile Virus Confirmed in B.C. & Washington

west nile confirmed bc

Health News!

Confirmed West Nile Virus cases plus ongoing new case diagnostics are happening in British Columbia and Washington this summer!  
"WEST NILE VIRUS UPDATE: We now have a confirmed case in Creston and one more suspect came in late today from Riondel area. The disease has to be considered widespread in the Kootenays with cases from Bonners Ferry to Castlegar and between. Make sure your horses are vaccinated."  Published by Creston Veterinary Hospital.

Environmental Detections - Horses, Birds, and Mosquitoes  As published by the Washington State Health Department.

Summary of West Nile Virus FAQ published by Washington State University.

PNE - Pacific National Exhibition

PNE logo

Saturday August 27th was Horse Day at the PNE and BCQHA will showed up with a fabulous booth!

BCQHA Interior Provincial Exhibition 2016

Events Happening


3 Judge AQHA Show in Armstrong, B.C.

Hosted by SCQHA September 17th & 18th, 2016


wine country logo

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Notice of 2017 AGM

The 2017 CQHA AGM is being held in conjunction with the
Ontario Quarter Horse Association's AGM & Awards Banquet  

4:00 P.M. Saturday 
January 21, 2017


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